The Wonderful World of Walter

The main intention of my project is to show the beauty of everyday street life. By using a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye initially designed to capture snapshots (of people’s lives), alongside the technical approach of modern street photography, the viewer observes a series of Impressionistic images. The series of twenty-one images elaborates on how the ordinary, undiscovered, and overlooked elements of the fictional persona (Walters’) life are wonderous and enchanting. As Walter is a rather shy and introverted character, his images were never printed and were simply left as film negatives for documentational and educational purposes. Following the discovery of these moments (negative sleeves) I, Russell Katz have decided to print a selection of images to display how Walter’s old technical technique works in conjunction with his modern perspective of street photography.

1969-1971 | The Big City

Waiting Patiently

This Path I used to walk

The Work Rush

Lonesome | Sole


Distracted | Occupied


A Nosh for My Date

Golden Hour | Orange Hour


Grandmother's Store


Inside the Cabin

Seaside | Ferry Ride



God's Beam | God's Beacon of Light

Friendly Conversing

Let the Kids go Outside and Play

Snowboarder in the Making