Hello, and Welcome!

Hello my name is Russell and I'm an artist, photographer, programmer, and a student studying education based out of Montreal, Quebec. No matter the work, project, or series, I am committed to share the joy of what I do with everyone involved.

With regards to art, my approach sways between constructing and deconstructing different artistic mediums to create works that are intentionally imperfect. Whether I am working on a commission, or adding to my own personal collection I attempt to create a work that is as visually satisfying as it is mentally. I also strive to omit unnecessary complexity as to make my work more accessible to a wider demographic of peoples.

Since the ripe age of twelve years old I have been dedicated on how I can find a means to create, configure, and grasp ahold of the inner and outer workings of technology. Since my youth, I am continually learning how to write code in several programming languages such as Java, C#, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS. With every project I work on, I try explore the maximum capabilities of whatever I may be creating.

In the case with photography, the most important part of an event (experience) is when the moment is captured and preserved in it's most accurate form. With the use various systems and apparatuses I use I strive to not only snap the shutter for a mere memory, but to encapsulate the memory alongside the visual end product.

Our praise lies within our promise. Acknowledge the past, tame the present and shout Carpe Diem into the future!